5 Indications It's Time To Embrace A Child

Sometimes, it can be hard to get kids excited about adding a new member to the family. While most foster families in Michigan have very little time adjusting, some children just need a little extra push. Use these simple tips to help make the adoption process fun for the whole family.

Schedule a Play Date

Always introduce children to new family members before bringing them home. A new family member isn’t like a birthday surprise. The more time the children have to bond, the easier the transition will be. If the children connect, then the new family member’s arrival becomes an exciting experience. They will count down the days until their new best friend moves in.

Make Them a Gift

Arts and crafts can be a great way to spend a rainy afternoon. Try finding simple crafts the child can do, such as floral arrangements or jewelry making. Then, help them hand make a gift for the new family member. This can help the new family member feel welcome and makes the experience more exciting for kids.

Paint the New Bedroom

Decide on a great theme for the new family member’s bedroom. Then, enlist the children to help decorate. Painting the walls a solid color can be a fairly easy task and gives children the opportunity to contribute. Then, ask the child how they think the room should be decorated. Try to foster care agencies michigan take their opinions into account and create a welcoming, exciting space.

Help Pick Out Toys and Clothes

Shopping is always fun. After the first play date, try going shopping for the new family member. Ask the child what kinds of things the new family member would like for their room. While new parents shouldn’t buy everything in advance, being a little prepared can help make the child feel excited about the upcoming change. At the end of the shopping trip, be sure to buy something new for the child to so that they don’t feel left out.


Sometimes, the easiest way to excite a child is simply by talking about the situation. Communication gives the child an opportunity to ask any questions they may have. Try scheduling a family meeting to discuss the details of the adoption and ask the child’s opinion. This can make them feel more involved with the process and make them feel like their opinion matters.

Getting a child excited about welcoming home a new sibling can be a challenge. Addressing their concerns is important. Don’t try and force a friendship between the children. see this site Instead, focus on scheduling play dates and getting the child involved in the adoption process.

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